Hello everybody !

For this first day, I propose you to study an article from an unknown author related to THE CONFIDENCE.

It is an interesting scheme and all what the author says have to be taken into account, especially when we are sad, disappointed, stressed... for one or another reason.



After reading the attached file and having a look on the vocabulary, it will be relevant to discuss on the following questions:

-       What is the meaning of confidence for you?

-       Do you agree with the theory of the author?

-       Do you think we are relaxed and opened enough to the “creative and interrelated world around us”? If not, how can you manage to follow this way?

-       What are the options you have to develop confidence ?

-       In which kind of situations is it better to be self-confident?

-       Do you know any other expressions meaning self-confident?

Personally, I agree with the author when he says “self-confidence” is not something you were born with. It is something to develop.”

To be self-confident is based on your own knowledges, experiences, way of thinking, introspections, way of solving problems, recovering after failures or mistakes.

We need to be open-minded, attentive to others and mean well. Is it often the case? I do not think so because you have our own worries and we do not do as much as we could do. It is a shame!

We need to be all the time self-confident because every day is different and we meet different people, behaviours, situations we need to face to, to assume, to escape, find solutions...

As we are not perfect, we have “up and down” and have to deal with them.

In terms of words/expressions related to the subject “confidence”, you can find:

- to enjoy somebody’s confidence:                avoir la confiance de qqn

- to place one’s trust in somebody:                investir qqn de sa confiance

- to be in good cheer:                                        etre en confiance

- to speak freely:                                                parler en toute confiance

- to earn/win somebody’s confidence:          gagner la confiance de qqn

- to withdraw one’s confidence in somebody: retirer sa confiance a qqn

- to have trust/confidence/faith in somebody:avoir confiance en qqn

- to believe/to rely/to trust on somebody:     se fier a qqn

Here we are for today! Comments are welcome!

With best wishes,