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We will continue on the same wave (longueur d’onde) as yesterday, discussing about new technologies and internet. We will reply to the questions mentioned on the worksheet 1 related to the SPAM topic. So let us go!

Before that, I would be pleased to say a few words about PARIS PLAGE, a leisure phenomenon set up in 2002 in our capital city. Since then, some other French cities have copied this concept so that let people who do not have the chance to have holidays to take advantage of a small beach and summer activities.


According to France 2 channel, this session of Paris Plage 2006 has welcomed 3,8 million people from July 20th to August 20th, 2006, totally one month. The number of visitors remain apparently the same as last year even if the weather was not so good and sunny.

Based on figures and statistics, “Paris Beaches”could be the 4th most visited place in Paris after the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Triumph Arch.

What are the reasons of such a success? Maybe due to about twenty free sport activities (bowls –petanque-, dance, beach volley, badminton, climbing among others), a massage and relaxation stand, a small librairy, a music festival, sand, deckchairs –transat- flowers, ice-creams in flower shape...

For record, 2000 tonnes of sand were used to create the Paris Plage beaches. They will be given to the Equestrian Center of Republican guards (Centre Equestre de la Garde Republicaine).

The different plants and flowers will be offered to the different gardens from the Capital.

The different roads will be open again on Thursday from 6:00 AM.

After Tahiti, the next session of Paris Plage could be coloured under the next World Rugby Cup colours...

IMG_1720_edited IMG_1721_edited (C) Ceraulen - 2006



Well, now it is your turn to express yourself on the following points:


a. Can you think of examples of modern technology that you use in the following fields?

· Transport

· Home life

· Study or work

· Entertainment

· Communication


First, it is better to define what are “new technologies”.

They are all the material means and structural organizations that implement the lastest scientific discoveries and applications.


We can quote in the transport field:


- planes: about 2 hours from Paris to Zagreb in Croatia, 5 hours from Paris to Le Caire in Egypt, 8 hours from Paris to New Delhi in India, 10 hours from Paris to Shanghai in China,  13 hours from Paris to Johannesburg in South Africa and from Paris to Los Angeles in USA, 15 hours from Paris to Mexico, 18 hours from Paris to Lima in Peru...

In comparison to the beginning of the century or before, it is now quite easy to travel to the other part of the world very quickly.


- other tranport means: motos, scooters, rollers, metropolitans, electrical bicycle, electrical trolleys


For home life, we can mention all the different appliances (appareils electromenager) such as the dishwasher (lave-vaisselle), washing machine (lave-linge), vacuum cleaner (aspirateur), hair dryer (seche-cheveux); numerical/satellitte TV, DVD, VCD, webcam, digital video-recorder (camescope numerique), digiral camera (appareil photo numerique), mini-disk walkman


Ffor study or work, the most relevant is the Internet. Also high-speed debit, wi-fi, computer, mobile phone.


Entertainment: highly emotional amusements such as Space Mountain in Disneyland, 3D cinema, special effects on films, gameboys, games in network through the Internet, simulation video games to learn how to play guitar, how to dance...


Communication:  home-video cinema with dolby stereo sound, mobile phone, webcam, chatting in direct, fax machines


b. What have been the benefits of modern technology?

Modern technology helped people to have easier lifes, especially in medical field as people live longer and are in better health than before. Even if all the diseases or moral pathologies cannot be treated (soigner), on the whole (dans l’ensemble), natural or chemical medicines are supposed to relieve pains (soulager les blessures).

Now, before the birth of a child, doctors are able to identify malformations or potential diseases and take the more relevant (pertinent) decision.


Appliances let the housewifes take care better about the housework (travaux menagers, menage) and it takes less time.

Thanks to Internet, it is possible to get information from another country without any journey (voyage). You can exchange and communicate with all kind of people and become friends, practise foreign language, booked hotels, trains, planes tickets. It let us save time (gagner du temps) and as time is money so save money also!


c. What have been the drawbacks of modern technology?

Maybe all is so easy now that people do not make any effort, especially to communicate. It is better to send a mail to your colleague than to talk with him/her on the phone for example.


Modern technology also leads to excess. For instance (par exemple), in some countries like China or India, it is possible to know the sex of the child before birth and as it is quite important the first child is a boy to have descendants, the echography decides if a termination of pregnancy (IVG) is needed or not.



d. What have been the benefits and drawbacks of the internet?

Does the internet have any problems?


The Internet is a real communication tool (outil). All depends on the way you use it, how often, on which purpose...

You need to be very careful not to become addicted on it (drogue). Remember you nothing can replace the physical contact to feel who are your new friend, if you really have common interests. That is especially true for the “rendez-vous” or a date (RDV avec un ami).


Some badly thoughtful (mal attentionne) guys can use the internet network to find innocent children or teenagers or to seduce sensitive ladies... that is why we have to be careful with chats or meeting websites as it is artificial and you can believe to talk with a certain kind of people whereas they are totally different or lie on some points of their personality.



Some tips: to express your opinion, do not hesitate to use the following:


- what strikes me is... ce qui me frappe, m’interpelle, c’est...

- I believe… je crois que…

- It seems to me… il me semble que

- As far as I am concerned… en ce qui me concerne

- I would say… je dirais que

- Personally, I consider... personnellement, je considere que...


It is over for today. .. Talk to you tomorrow.


With best wishes,