Dear readers,

Come back to you as promised. Being a candidate for a TV game is an exciting experience. I recommend it to you. First of all, you need to succeed in the selection for the casting.

A casting is like a job interview. You need to prove you are the right candidate for the appropriate TV programm. Yesterday I noticed the casting development was not the same for the six candidates.
Indeed, I was invited last week to attend in a first selection at La Plaine-Saint Denis, closed to Paris. My application was sent two days earlier through Internet on the TV channel website.

First of all, 30 minutes of waiting. Then,  the discovery of the place where the casting  took place: a  kind of hangar, at the same time empty and  quite huge with only 50 seats.
All kind of people, men, ladies, girls,  intellectual, cool or sexy. Everyone has his own style.

After a brief introduction of the different stages, we were asked to reply by written to 50 questions in 7 minutes. The questions were so different from one to another than it was difficult to have in mind all the answers.
The 7 minutes finished, we had to exchange the paper form with our neighbour (voisin) who corrected it in accordance with the instructions of the casting manager. Two questions were not correct so the test was out of 48 points instead of 50 points.
I reached 27 right answers. Not so bad for such conditions!

The group was afterwards divided into two small entities, about 25 people in each! The casting team was composed of three people, 2 men and 1 lady for ours and 2 ladies, 1 man for the other group.
We were invited to reply to two questions:

- imagine you were someone else, famous or not, who would you like to be and why?
- imagine also you were an object, what would you like to be and why?

One after the other, we had to introduce ourself and answer to the above questions in front of the jury and the other candidates. After the names were all listed, the jury noticed we were several not to be mentioned. I was among them. So they wanted us to introduce us also from the first row to the last one. I sat among the latest row so when I heard "next", I believed someone else had to present himself because I saw some white paper on knees. I was wrong.
A member of the jury repeated: "is that all? anyone alse?". I stood up and say: "no, here I am!". They laughed at me and told me after reading my form, I had to come back the following day to introduce myself because I was not on time. I replied I wanted to introduce myself as I came for that and insisted to do so. They accepted.
I started my presentation and when I said: "if I were someone else, I would not like to be famous. I just would like to be a film producer." One member of the jury gesticulated on his chair and shouted "I do not like film producer, especially female".
I replied: "do not worry, I am not. It is just a dream. So you do not have to be scared. Pls be quiet!".
He stopped shouted and let me finish my speech. "So I would like to be a film producer so that I can manage a good team, lead a very ambitious project and let the spectators dream on cinemas".

"If I were an object, I would like to be a pen. I know it is not so original because already two people answered on that way. But it was the object I selected. So why a pen? To interprete all your feelings even the most intimate." I heard: "ouah!" and came back to my seats.

Then, the jury has to make another selection. After 20 minutes, they came back to us and kept only 24 people out of 50.
I was selected and had to take part into a simulation of TV game with 5 other people. Two questions to answer:

- in which country is located the Mongolia area? I answered in "cash" China and won 5 points (maximum).
- what is the animal you can see when the mark SNCF is on the wrong side? I ignored it and asked for 4 proposals: rabbit, nail, bear or cat? I replied "rabbit". It was wrong as the answer was a nail.

Another selection after that. I was invited to write down two stories on myself and take a picture as a crimanal with a board and my name. After, I had to tell my stories to someone of the jury.
This person was quite nice and told me there were chances to take part very soon to a quizz. She had to introduce me to the other members of the casting for final selection.

Two days after I received a call telling me this Wednesday was "the" day for recording the TV game. Such an excitement!

Talking with the other candidates of the TV game, I heard they only had 1 hour of selection, no need to answer to the two questions related to famous character or an object. My casting lasted 3 hours and 30 minutes of wait. Do you thing such facts are normal?

Will tell you the next steps tomorrow.
What do you think about all of that?

With best wishes,