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Pleased to introduce you today one Parisian museum.


14, rue de La Rochefoucault

75009 PARIS

Line 12 – Subway: Trinite d’Etienne d’Orves

Open everyday from 10:00 AM to 12:45 PM and 14:00 PM to 17:15 PM

Closed on Tuesday

Free entrance for under 18 years, unemployed

Reduced price: 3 euros for all on Sunday

Free the 1rst Sunday of month

The first one is dedicated to Gustave Moreau. The painter himself established and designed it so that his works could be gathered together and displayed on the way he wanted.

This building located in the 9th area in Paris, was built at his expenses, at the very spot where he lived and worked all his life long and it was ready in 1896. Two years later, the artist died at the age of 72.

The museum lets the visitor discover an incredibly rich universe. On every hand, you can find the interlocking mythological, literary and Biblical themes so dear to Moreau’s heart.

The painter’s approcah was initially academic, then symbolist before becoming surprisingly modern and even almost abstract in his last years.

The museum boasts several of Gustave Moreau’s masterpieces together with their preparatory work: the Pretenders, The life of Humanity, the Apparition, Jupiter and Semele... but also hundreds of other works of all sizes, all marked by the “unique enchantment” characteristic of Moreau’s art.

As the museum lets us share the intimate life of a painter and his work, I really appreciated visiting it, especially the different designs on cupboards you can admire in total freedom.

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