Dear all,

Pleased to talk with you again! Well, today, we will enlarge our vocabulary.

First of all, we will correct the previous exercise related to eating out. Then, we will study some gapfillers which are quite useful to make sentences in conversations. Here we go!

Keys for the previous exercise:

1) Would you like to complete your meal with nafter-dinner drink? The answer is A.

2) I have already forgotten what the last table of guests ordered. The answer is C.

3) No one could have predicted how successful the restaurant would become. The answer is D.

4) I have had enough excitement for the day. The answer is C.

Let us have alook on gapfillers...

Let us put it that way... Pour dire les choses ainsi

If you wanna put it that way... Si vous voulez on peut dire que

Tell me... Dites-moi

You see... Tu vois

It is just that... C'est simplement que

It is like... C'est du genre

Well, sort of. Eh bien, si on veut

Basically... En gros

Look, do not you think... Voyons, ne pensez-vous pas que...

How shall I put it? Comment dirais-je?

How shall I explain? Comment pourrais-je expliquer?

Anyway, where was I ? Bref, ou en etais-je?

You know what I mean? Vous voyez ce que je veux dire?

Hey, you know what? Tu sais quoi?

I was just telling myself... J'etais en train de me dire que

I wonder if... Je me demande si...

It cannot be true! No way! Ce n'est pas possible!

That is it! C'est ca, voila!

Yes, it is true. Oui, c'est vrai

I guess you are right. Je suppose que tu as raison

Did not I say no? Je l'avais bien dit!

Is that so / Really? Ah bon? Vraiment?

Good gracious! Mon Dieu! Oh la la!

Not exactly... Pas vraiment

It depends. Ca depend.

You never know. On ne sait jamais.

We will continue on this way next time!

Enjoy this week!

With best wishes! Ceraulen