Dear readers,

I have realized these last days I was not so available to write chronicles or give you tips to help you expressing yourself in English or improving a little your level.

It was a real pleasure to spend 2 or 3 hours a day to share my discoveries, interests, hobbies with you and I sincerely regret not to spend more time on this period to continue at the same rythm... I will do my best to serve you on the better conditions even if now my priority is to recover a job in accordance with my wishes in France or abroad and I will not be so available to write as I would like to. Sorry for that!

On this matter, I would like to draw your attention on “unemployed people” as I was discussing about that yesterday with my friends.

What is “an unemployed person” for you?

Before becoming one, I certainly thought on the same as you if you have never met it on your way. In a few words, I believed unemployed people were inactive, bone idle (paresseux comme une couleuvre) and took advantage from the French indemnity system.

Abroad, French people are well-know to work less than the others, to always complain and take strike action (faire greve) and of course to be paid for any job as unemployed, are not they?

As mentioned in previous chronicle about multicultural / intercultural relationships, I do not like to caricature people and stick a label as I am the first one to suffer from it!

That is why I would you to point out what an unemployed person is not to give you a clearer idea:

-          An unemployed person has any disease, no scabies (la gale), no plague (peste) and even no distemper (maladie de Carre, des chiens). No need to protect you as it is not as thought transference (transmission de pensee) and you cannot catch it at the corner!

-          An unemployed person is not someone who gets up at noon to go to bed at 1:00 AM, drinking alcohol all the day, laying on the sofa in front of TV. He/she is someone who has to take care about children, to do the housework (faire le menage), have a look on job advertisements, write application letters and especially have to step backwards (prendre du recul) enough to forget negative experiences and convert them into satisfying ones. For once, you need to ask you the right questions on yourself. It is a “repairing” (remise en etat) and “putting in order” (remise en ordre) way. It is also a strong test (epreuve) which lets you find who you are and where you have to go in your life at this period.

-          An unemployed person is not someone who always complains and you have to avoid meeting in fear of being contaminated. He/she is a person who certainly has a more realistic view on the job market and who knows much better how it is difficult to get a job, apply for a job, write a resume and an application letter, have interviews, be in short list than you if you did not have the opportunity to find a new job in the previous months.

Consequently, an unemployed person is a normal person. He/she has regular up and down mood as looking for a job needs a constant energy and we are not machines. We have feelings, a sensitivity and maybe are more vunerable to critics than the others because society does not have a good consideration for us... You are supposed to be helped by governmental offices. Most of employees from these institutions have never worked on private sector and cannot realize exactly what means to be unemployed as they did not faced such a situation or have instructions to follow to decrease the number of unemployed people without really taking care to morally help them.

I mean, when you are unemployed, what is really important, is to be surrounded (etre entoure) with relatives, friends, members of associations (thanks to the 4 associations I joined : coucou to les "rieurs", "dynamiqueurs", "peupladiens" et "assogessiens")... to exchange experiences, give tips and above all to be understood and be appreciated in accordance with your personnality and not to be defined (definir) in accordance with your job, position, level of wage (salaire)...

To sum up, unemployment is not a misfortune (fatalite). It is a (necessary) break to take a stand (prendre position) facing oneself (par rapport a soi-meme), to grow up and really know what are your priorities in life.

In a very positive way, I can say it is a chance to enlarge your views, learn how to fight in a wild wild world, a challenge to win on yourself, on the others, against prejudices...

I seize the opportunity to thank all the people who have supported me until now and who are faithful supporters. They will recognize themselves... I love each of you as you have regularly encouraged, listened to me and tried to understand me and it is a real proof of friendship! I will never forget it!

In my turn, I tried to share with others my knowledges, feelings and this blog is a materialistic condition “to give to receive” and “to receive to give”.

With best wishes,


So pls be more tolerant and understanding, more open. Some grams of shrewdness (finesse d'esprit) in a bullies' world (monde de brutes)!