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To give full scope to (donner libre cours a) the 10th anniversary of Parisian gardens, I discovered this week-end two worthwhile (qui valent la peine) places and would like to share with you my feelings.


The first one is the Andre Citroen Park (138,800 m²) – Subway: Line 10 Javel, Line 8 Lourmel or RER C Javel, Bd Victor Hugo

I was really impressed about a such modern architectural area which was created on the 1990ies. Indeed, you can find several areas for kids, sport grounds, tennis tables, available lawns (pelouses).

Its avant-garde mission began since 1777 when the little fishing harbour named Javel was changed into a factory of chemical products.

Count from Artois who became Charles 10th in 1824 made the famous desinfectant water (Javel water) produced there. This success attracted numerous other industrialists until the arrival at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1915, of Andre Citroen’s manufacture.

This engineer was specialized in munitions and the production reached 20,000 shells (obus) a day. After the end of the First World War, his manufacture was converted to the famous cars industry.

In 1958, the town council decided to give the name of Andre Citroen to Quai de Javel. In 1982, the manufacture moved to Neuilly-sur-Seine.


Citroen manufacture was located in 24 hectares and the park opened in 1992. It was realized by landscape gardeners and architect Alain Provost, Gilles Clement, Patrick Berger, Jean-Paul Viguier and Francois Jodry. 43,000 m3 of compost (terre, terreau) were necessary. Nowadays, the inhabitants of the 15th district can take advantage of 13 m² of green area and 5 trees per inhabitant.


Three parts:

- The White garden dedicated to walk and plays where plants of white colours create a light atmosphere.

- The Black garden: a small square with 64 water jets

- A central park where you can sit down on the grass in every season


You can also discover two transparent greenhouses (serres) of 15m high. The first one is considered as the “orangerie” from October to April, the other shelters (proteger, abriter) plants from Mediterranean climate.

For the rest, I let you have a look by yourself. To give you a better idea, some pictures...

IMG_1846  IMG_1843 (C) Ceraulen - 2006


The second one was the shooting lodge (pavillon de chasse) from the Bagatelle Park. For your reference, pls have a look on my blog to the article dated August 6th on this subject.    

In fact, the shooting lodge can only be visited on Sundays. It gives you a real idea about the way of life of the 18th century in France in royal family or aristocracy.

Actually, far from Versailles, the aristocracy gives priority to comfort and beauty, elegance, a home sweet home with delicate and fine furnitures, odds and ends (bibelots)...  The appearance was really important and all was  codified like the different stages of libertine life we can read on “The dangerous affair” (Les liaisons dangereuses) from Choderlos de Laclos. It is also the meeting between the intellectual movement (Les Lumieres) and pleasures of life...    


IMG_1617_edited IMG_1613_edited (C) Ceraulen - 2006


Will talk to you soon. Do not forget next Sunday, the Grand Prix Lucien Barriere at Longchamps!


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