Dear all,

Well, today, we will enlarge our vocabulary on... introduction of your professional experiences.
We often have the opportunity to talk about such matter and need to have some prepared expression to succeed in this kind of oral exercise.
Here we go!

I am graduate of the University of .../ I graduated from ...
(je suis diplome(e) de...)
I majored in International Trade.(je suis specialise(e) en Commerce International)
I have an Engeneering degree. (j'ai un diplome en ingenierie)

I acquired a broad experience in... (j'ai acquis une grande exeperience en...)
I have a strong experience in..; / I am experienced in...
I am skilled in developing management techniques. (je suis competent pour...)

I am currently employed by Chiffon Co. (je travaille actuellement pour...)
My current duties include ... (je m'occupe actuellement de)
I served as a project manager. (j'ai ete employe comme directeur de projets)
My duties/responsabilities included.. / I was in charge of.../ I was involved in (j'avais la charge de...)
I did volunteer work at the community center. (j'ai fait du benevolat au Centre Communautaire).

My objective/aim is to... (mon but est de...)
I am looking for/I am seeking a position as a Personal Assistant. (je recherche un poste en tant que...)

I am able to converse comfortably in English and Chinese. (je suis capable de soutenir une conversation en anglais et chinois)
I am familiar with most computer systems. (je maitrise la plupart des systemes informatiques)
I enjoy working with people at all levels. (j'aime travailler avec les gens a tous les niveaux)

I would like to broaden / widen my knowledge /experience (j'aimerais approfondir/elargir mes connaissances:mon experience)


skills = abilities : when you are able to make some tasks, duties (talents, competences, aptitudes)
expertise: when you have a strong experience in a field (savoir-faire, expertise, competence)
know-how: savoir-faire
(un)skilled : (not) able to do : (non) qualifie

knowledge: when you know something very well (connaissance)
training: when you follow lessons or test your knowledges while working for a company (formation, stage)

Hope springs eternal: tant qu'il y a de la vie, il y a de l'espoir.

There is always sunshine after rain. Apres la pluie, le beau temps.
That is the final word! Believe in you and in others, that is quite important!

With best wishes,