Dear readers,

I am particularly glad to inform you I signed a CDI contract last Friday for a buyer position in promotional items, especially for textile and jewellery within a French company belonging to a leading Hong Kong group.
A CDI contract means in French "Contrat a Duree Inderterminee" that is to say "a permanent contract" in English language. It is quite rare to get this kind of contract. Most of them are CDD "Contrat a Duree Determinee" or "a fixed-term contract", even temporary jobs proposed by agencies.
Of course, we have a trial period (periode d'essai) of 3 or 6 months in accordance with our status and responsabilities within the company.

So, this year, I have received in advance maybe the most memorable gift because not only so expected but also desired.
I had been looking for a job for 20 months and you can imagine how deep is the relief now! If I told you how many job interviews I took part, you could not believe it!
Thanks to my coach, I tried to take the positive parts from each interview and prepared the next one. You cannot imagine how difficult it is to help up (se relever) each time and go to a job interview as if it was the first one. You become stronger and are like the mythological bird, Phoenix, a bird resembling an eagle that lived for 500 years and then burned itself to death on a pyre from whose ashes another phoenix arose. In literature, it is considered as a symbol of death and resurrection...

I do not have any regret about this period of official non-working (inactivite). There is not the slightest doubt that it has helped to discover me better, asked me the right questions about life and be more open and liberal towards the others. I have met friendly and understanding people. Some of those who considered themselves as my friends became more distant and only the ones who accepted me with this unemployed status are still my friends.
The fact is that the weight of consumption society is so heavy that you let judge the others in accordance with their positions and not their personnalities. What a pity! As if you do not exist anymore because you do not work anymore!

Being unemployed is a full-time job because the target is to recover a job! So, you need to look for ads in newspapers, websites, magazines, prepare your application letters and resume, follow-up your applications, meet people to build a network... You have also  lots of  "ups and dows" and need to face them.

Sometimes, one word is enough to make you cry because you do not have the feeling others can understand you. It is as if the working people wanted you to feel guilty to take advantage from the system. They do not have any respect anymore or so little for you because of this. And more important, they do not want to understand you because they are scared to be on your shoes. So, they are pretty untolerant and judge you only because they are not aware about how difficult it is to find a job! Of course, real friends are exceptions and they are ready to listen to you and encourage you at any time!

I took part to 4 associations. One of them is dedicated to middle/senior managers looking for a job. Every week, a meeting takes place to exchange tips about CVs, application letters, interviews, network... You have also at your disposal some languages circle to practise English, German, Italian, Spanish and others. I was a volunteer to organize an English circle and did my best to help my colleagues expressing themselves in English. The idea of this blog comes from the wish to share with more people my knowledges and opinions about very different topics.

So, I would like to say thank you to each of you who supported me and encouraged me so much!

With best wishes,