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What a pleasure to come back to my first writing love after so long time. What happened?
Well, I was confirmed in my job and found a certain balance between professional and personal circle. The rest belongs to me. So, I will keep the silence...

The English circle I set up in last January in Paris is still alive, more than ever (plus que jamais). It is quite pleasant to welcome members just because they heard about the circle thanks to other people.

One our last studied topic was related to Live Earth series of concert. have you ever heard about this society phenomenon?
"Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series taking place on 7/7/07 that will bring together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis.

Live Earth will reach this worldwide audience through an unprecedented global media architecture covering all media platforms - TV, radio, Internet and wireless channels.

Live Earth marks the beginning of a multi-year campaign led by the Alliance for Climate Protection, The Climate Group and other international organizations to drive individuals, corporations and governments to take action to solve global warming. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore is the Chair of the Alliance and Partner of Live Earth
(extracted fro the website

We studied a short article  saying that musical extravaganzas (spectacles) featuring (mettre en vedette) some of the biggest names in the rock and pop such as Madonna, Phil Collins, Red Hot Chili Peppers...
Many newspapers were critical of the pop stars who created a considerable amount of carbon by flying half way round the world in their private jets. Moreover, the Artic Monkey's drummer confessed it would be "a bit hypocritical" to think this young band could change the world, "especially when we are using enough power for ten houses just for lighting".

What a delicate position! On one hand, you want to make a human action, a good deed (une B.A, bonne action) and on the  other hand, you do not respect the cause you stand up for (appuyer, lutter pour une cause).

Let us first study the vocabulary linked to the event: Live and Earth

TO LIVE: to reside / to manage one's life / to be (remain) alive / to exist / burning / full of energy
A LIFE: existence / useful duration / animating spirit
LIVELIHOOD: the financial means whereby one lives
LIVING STANDARD: level of life

Other expressions:
LIVE AND LET DIE: vivre et laisser vivre
LIVE AS HUSBAND AND WIFE: vivre comme mari et femme
LIVE ALONE: vivre seul
LIVE IN PEACE: vivre en paix
LIVE SHOW: spectacle en direct

EARTH: ground / land / wordly concern
EARTHQUAKE: shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane of from volcanic activity
terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soil; often surfaces when the ground is cool or wet; used as bait by anglers

Then, we discussed about the carbonfootprint and climate change. Here are some interesting website on this matter:

A Carbon Footprint  is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide.

Concerning Al Gore and his documentary:

To explain clearly the scientific phenomenon in simple words:

Here is a glimpse to this serious subject. We really need to save the planet doing simple things such as taking a shower rather than a bath, switch off computer, riding bicycle...
What have you did for the planet today?

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