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Another interesting topic concerned the physical appearance.

Venus of Milo - Le Louvre - Paris

Indeed, not always easy to accept our own appearance especially in our consumption society where sexy pictures or advertisements are so noticeable. Sell at any price, using the charms of VIPs, guess handsome/gorgeous part of bodies...
The "basic instinct" is pricked / stimulated in each of us.
The most difficult period is, as each of us knows, the adolescence. At this period, we believe we are ugly and need time to accept the changes in our body, trying to hide our defects using make-up, cream or large clothes...

How to live when we do not have a star appearance or a peach (canon lady or man)?


We need to really love us to transcend all these negative thoughts and complexes / inhibitions.
The support of parents, relatives, friends is so important to build your champion spirit and strengths. Humour is a key to break bad ideas and open doors.

A good example is the article "Large and Lovely site" we studied within the English circle and written on the Bellaonline's website by M.E. Wood.
I found it particularly "sound in body and mind" (sain de corps et d'esprit), humorous and relevant. Well done Miss Wood! It is a really good humanity lesson for each of us.


A few extracts:
First, the author is factual and tries to give a substantial definition helping from a dictionary. She is wondering why this word has a so negative resonance in our mind.
"I like the word fat. It is short. Easy to write"
"Why cannot we just use the word fat? What is wrong with the word?"


"The word fat does not define who we are. There are seven definitions in Merriam-Webster (...):

1 : notable for having an unusual amount of fat: a : PLUMP b : OBESE c of a meat animal : fattened for market d of food : OILY, GREASY
2 a : well filled out : THICK, BIG (a fat book) b : full in tone and quality : RICH (a gorgeous fat bass voice -- Irish Digest) c : well stocked (a fat larder) d : PROSPEROUS, WEALTHY (grew fat on the war -- Time) e : being substantial and impressive (a fat bank account)
3 a : richly rewarding or profitable (a fat part in a movie) (a fat contract) b : practically nonexistent (a fat chance)
4 : PRODUCTIVE, FERTILE (a fat year for crops)
6 : being swollen (got a fat lip from the fight)
7 of a baseball pitch : easy to hit

Then, Miss Wood complains about the general meaning and systematic bad point linked to a fat appearance:

"It's time we reclaim the word. Redefine it. You might be thinking. I don't want 'fat' to be positive. I don't want to call myself 'fat'. To do so means I’m giving up on trying to improve myself and become healthy. No darlin', it doesn't."

Finally, she asserts herself saying she is proud to be like as she is. She found a lovely and subtle acronym:
"I'm a F-abulous A-ttractive T-alented Woman!"


She adds some finely selected adjective to define her status enlarging at the same our vocabulary:

Need help with some words? Here a few:

F - Fabulous, Fun, Friendly, Fortified, Funny, Fun-loving, Fashionable, Forthright, Feminine, Feisty, Faithful, Freespirited, Fervent, Fearless.

A - Attractive, Astute, Assertive, Able, Analytical, Alluring, Aware, Adamant, Affectionate, Active, Amiable, Amorous, Attentive, Astounding, Amazing, Akamai (Hawaiian)*, Adept, Astonishing, Audacious, Assertive, Ardent.

T - Talented, Trustworthy, Tireless, Trendy, Tasteful, Tempting, Tempestuous, Terrific, Tender, Tough, Triumphant, Tactful, Tenacious, Tolerant, Tremendous, Thriving, Thoughtful.

** fortified: having something added to increase the strength
** forthright:
frank, free-spoken, outspoken
** feisty: showing courage
** astute:
sharp, shrewd
** adamant: inexorable, intransigent
** amorous: romantic
** astounding: staggering, stupefying
** assertive: confidently aggressive

The conclusion of this article is a hope message letting us with hindsight (avec du recul) appreciate more who we are and accept us as we are:

" We need to change the negative connotation around the word 'fat' and 'fat' people. Let's face it, there are fat people out there who have happy, fulfilling lives. We aren't all depressed slugs that sit on the couch all day whining about our body image. And for those who are, it's probably only a temporary setback. Women have reclaimed the words "Woman" and "Vagina" now it's time for us to reclaim the word "Fat". We are FAT women. Fabulous, Attractive and Talented!"

Let the words from Gloria Gaynor ring in your mind and your soul as it is a so great song giving you wings to fly and feel lighter and so relaxed, do not you think so:
Version of Karen Mulder I really like:


(c) Ceraulen - 2009

FYI, from Wikipedia:
"I Am What I Am"
is a song originally featured on the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical La Cage aux Folles (1983–1987). The song is found on the finale number of the play's first act, and performed by the character of Albin Mougeotte. The song was composed in 1983 by Jerry Herman, an openly gay man.

Gloria Gaynor Version

The song was later re-recorded and released as a single by gay icon and disco diva Gloria Gaynor in 1983, and proved to be one of the singer's best known hits among her fans. While pretty much unknown to the mainstream American public (it reached a peak position of #82 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop SongsGay Pride movement, alongside another song of hers, "I Will Survive" (1979). chart), Gaynor's version of "I Am What I Am" was a hit elsewhere, reaching no.13 in the UK charts, and would become the rallying cry of the of the Gay Pride movement, alongside another song of hers, "I Will Survive" (1979).

This song is now a standard and keeps its emotion as concerns each of each.

"I am what I am
I am my own special creation
So come take a look
Give me the hook or the ovation
Its my world
That I want to have a little pride in
My world
And its not a place I have to hide in
Lifes not worth a damn
Till you can say
I am what I am (...)"

Enjoy! Talk to you soon ;-)

With best wishes,