Dear all,

Hope everything is going smoothly for you. Time flies so fast, really! Between pieces of joy, pleasant moments, disappointed ones, the main point is to remain confident in yourself, breath and enjoy the happy minutes to remember them when you are in a "gap" moment, waiting for a best or a worth destiny.

All is question of "feeling" or "involvement". It may be obvious when you look at something or someone in a positive way, positive feelings occur and you can share interesting moment with this person. If you look at her/him in a "so-so" way (mamahuhu like Chinese people say) then there will be a lack of something.

2009 was for me a rewarding year with its up and down, obstacles, illusions, relaxed and peaceful moments. A various melting situations, opportunities to know me better thanks to the others. It is time to go on and change, evolve in a better way.

That all I wish you for 2010, just to feel at ease with yourself and the others, to be confident and optimistic in spite of the bad influence of the financial crises and impact on people's behaviours ;-)

May every day of the year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family!

2010 will be also the Tiger year, my Chinese sign ;-) It sounds good.

"The year of the Tiger is one filled with drama and there is often tension & unpredictability in the air. Events can happen quickly."

Criteria of the Tiger sign : "Courageous, active, and self-assured. Optimistic, passionate and independent. Rebellious, dynamic, and unpredictable. Quick tempered but considerate.  Affectionate but careless.  The Tiger is a natural born leader and symbolizes power, passion and daring."


With best wishes,