06 septembre 2009

Social networks phenomenons

Dear readers, (C) Ceraulen - 2009 Nice to write articles for you after a long silence ;-)Thanks for your words of encouragement and comments about this blog.The first year you were about 1,000 readers mainly from France. For the time being, most of you are from other countries and it is great. I am quite happy about it and it will be a pleasure to exchange with you and publish articles on worldwide or more localized societies / phenomenons. We will start the new season with a "best" of the previous term topic studied... [Lire la suite]
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05 août 2007

Live Earth concert

Dear readers, What a pleasure to come back to my first writing love after so long time. What happened?Well, I was confirmed in my job and found a certain balance between professional and personal circle. The rest belongs to me. So, I will keep the silence... The English circle I set up in last January in Paris is still alive, more than ever (plus que jamais). It is quite pleasant to welcome members just because they heard about the circle thanks to other people. One our last studied topic was related to Live Earth series... [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2006

Harry Potter and friends

Dear all, Harry Potter’s fans or anti-Harry Potter, here is the question! Waiting for the last but not the least tome of the seven books from the Harry Potter story (an happy end or the death of our favourite hero?), the phenomenon Harry Potter cannot be ignored. Indeed, the saga of the seven volumes printed since 1998 met an immediate success and created a demand and a revolution in the children’s books edition. I selected this subject because I also like ready HP’s books as 40% of the readers who are adults. ... [Lire la suite]
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