04 novembre 2006


  Dear readers,Today, we will revise a little ! Here we go!  ** Mind your “faux amis”! Select the correct meaning. 1) He lives in front of the barracks. a. caserne c. barricades b. baraques d. taudis 2) I do not like this fabric. a. fabrique c. tissu b. atelier d. fébrilité 3) She is very sensible, you know. a. sensée c. sensible b. triste d. sensuelle 4) Have you ever read that novel ? a. nouvelle c. romance b. nouveauté d. roman 5) She has gone to the... [Lire la suite]
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19 octobre 2006

Grammar revisions

Dear all,Well, today, we will revise some grammar points.First of all, what is the different between "since", "for" and "during"for_et_sinceHere is also a summary about how to use the different tenses in English in comparison to French:synthese_tempsGRAMMAR_correctionsSome exercises to enlarge your vocabulary and revise basis:RevisionsCorrections___RevisionsExercisesExercises___correctionsGrammar_keysThat is it !With best wishes,Ceraulen
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25 août 2006

Some grammar points, notes on vocabulary

Dear all, On the point of enjoying this week-end, let us have a look on some grammar points. First of all, the answers of the test from last week: 1) You should not drink so much beer. Because “beer” is uncountable, we use ‘much”. “So much” means “tant/tellement”. 2) There are few people today. Few + plurial noun = “peu de” – same as “not many” in written English. “the few” does not exist – “A few” is used to mention a plurial noun and is equivalent to “quelques”. 3) Every plate had... [Lire la suite]
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18 août 2006

Let us revise some grammar points

Hi everybody! It is our first “grammar activity” today. To assess your level and have a more precise idea about the key points you need to revise, why not test your grammar? Here is a small test composed of 10 questions: 1) You should not drink..... beer. a. so much    b. as much     c.so many     d.as many 2) There are ....... people today.  a. the few     b. a little      c. little       d. few ... [Lire la suite]
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