24 avril 2007

English resources

  Dear readers, English & the Internet The Internet provides students with an inexhaustible supply of material and resources. It can compliment your course by bringing language learning to life.. The Internet also offers exciting opportunities for meaningful interaction in the target language. This interaction can take place between the students and native speakers anywhere in the world. The interaction can be asynchronous (email) or synchronous in the form of audio chats or voice and video... [Lire la suite]
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17 novembre 2006

What is the point of speaking correct English?

Dear readers, I was quite pleased this week to meet newcomers within my English circle in DC Association and would like to dedicate them this article on "what is the point of speaking correct English?" (l'anglais correct, pour quoi faire?) Hi also to the American and Hong Kong readers! Well, just be aware that opportunities to speak English are numerous. It is the official language in 44 countries (and only in 27 for French). It is the mother tongue (langue maternelle) of about 350 million people (about 100 million... [Lire la suite]
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