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Well, as it is quite important to keep in mind some key sentences and use them in conversation, here is a summary which could be very helpful in private or professional life.

first / firstly : premierement, en premier lieu
first of all, in the first place : au prealable, pour commencer
first and foremost: avant toute autre chose
to start with / to begin with: pour commencer, au prealable, d'abord

in the second place / secondly : deuxiemement
the second point is : la deuxieme idee est
then, next : ensuite, apres
after that : apres cela

besides : d'autre part, par ailleurs
moreover, in addition, furthermore : en outre
in addition to...: en plus de
what is more : et qui plus est

on the one hand : d'une part
on the other hand : d'autre part

as for : quant a
as regards, as concerns, as far as... is concerned : en ce qui concerne
concerning, regarding : en ce qui concerne

to sum up : en resume
in a word : en un mot
in short : en bref
last but not least : enfin et surtout
all things considered : tout compte fait
all in all: somme toute

In my opinion, to my mind, in my view : a mon avis
as for me : quant a moi
personally, I think that... : personnellement, je pense que
my view is that... : mon point de vue est que...
I have the feeling that... : j'ai l'impression que
I am inclined to think that : j'ai tendance a penser que
The point that I want to make is that... : l'idee que je veux faire passer est que

likewise, similarly, in the same way : de la meme maniere, de meme
in comparison with, as compared to : en comparaison de, par rapport a
beyond compare : sans comparaison
compared with : compare a
the same applies to ... : ceci s'applique a
on the contrary : au contraire
unlike, contrary to, as opposed to : contrairement a, a l'inverse de
in contrast with : a l'oppose de
as distinct from : par opposition a
conversely : inversement, par contre
except : mis a part, sauf
with the exception of : a l'exception de
regardless of : sans tenir compte de
apart from : a part

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