23 novembre 2006

How to describe a company?

Dear readers, Well, I realized this week how difficult it was sometimes for the members of the DC English circle to describe their companies and activies in their previous jobs. To help you in this way, here is a keys box with essential words : COMPANY STRUCTURES / STRUCTURES D'ENTREPRISEa multinational         une multinationalea group                     un groupe The group is made up of / consists of a parent company and... [Lire la suite]
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22 novembre 2006

Job advertising and recruiting

Dear readers, Pleased to come back to you! Well today, we will draw our attention on the vocabulary related to job advertising and recruiting as it is quite important for you to know some of them and be able to talk in a professional language when you meet your employer-to-be (future employer). Here is a list of specific words you may use/understand and their definitions: * ABUNDANT: adj. plentiful, in large quantities  / n. a large numberThe computer analyst was glad to have chosen a field in which jobs were abundant. ... [Lire la suite]
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30 septembre 2006

Introducing yourself, organization of a company

Dear all, Today, a short reminder for introducing yourself and other people. - In the morning Hello! Good morning! Bonjour! - after 12:00 o’clock/noon: How do you do? (when you talk to your manager) My name is Sarah Jones. Answer:I am Philip Smith. Nice/pleased to meet you.Bonjour! Je suis Philippe Smith. Take a seat. Can I get you some coffee ? Asseyez-vous. Est-ce que je peux vous offrir un cafe? You can reply : - yes, that would be nice ! avec plaisir, merci! - Yes, that would be lovely!... [Lire la suite]
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22 septembre 2006

Figures, numbers and data in English

Dear all, Well, today, we will have a look on the different way to talk about data, figures and numbers in English. There are numerous. That is why we will not spend more time and go directly on the essential. First of all, some reminders about the pronunciation in English language as we sometimes forget these details. So pls be careful to the following: A = same pronunciation as in “ABC” E = sound to be the same as in “e-mail” I  = “I am” J = “D.J” (disk jokey) G = “G.I” H = “H.M.” (His/Her Majesty) Y = “Why”... [Lire la suite]
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07 septembre 2006

How to make an appointment with someone you do not know?

Dear readers, Well, we will deal with the business and commercial field. We are still studying how to call a company...today, how to make an appointment who someone you do not know very well. First of all, let us have a test on this matter, thanks to complete the following sentences: 1) I would like to ______________ an appointment with Mr Smith. 2) I think we should ____________ a meeting. 3) I _____________ be pleased to meet your new Human Ressources Manager. 4) Would 5:00 PM be... [Lire la suite]
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24 août 2006

Leaving a message by phone

Dear readers, Every Thursday we study a subject linked to business and commercial field. The subject of today concerns how to leave a message by phone or create a message on an answerphone. Well, here we go! First of all, some general advise: Even if your correspondent is away, you can get in touch with him/her leaving a clear message to a switchboard operator (the person who works on the switchboard, which is the central point for calls coming into the company) or on an answerphone (repondeur). Avoid doing three mistakes:... [Lire la suite]
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17 août 2006

How to make a phone call to a company part 2

Great to come back after a short break and be with you again! Hope you enjoyed this period in spite of rain! In accordance with our plan, we will continue studying a scheme from the commercial/business field. Today, how to get in touch with a company based on two books: -          Communiquer en anglais – Contacts par telephone, fax, mail, courrier – S. Murdoch-Stern – Ed. Nathan -          L’anglais economique et commercial – 20 dossiers bilingues pour... [Lire la suite]
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10 août 2006

How to make a phone call to a company?

Hello everybody ! How are you ? The weather in Paris has recovered the sun and it is quite good to enjoy sightseeing! As I have planned to make a break of a few days, I give you our next “rendez-vous” next Thursday. In the meanwhile, I propose you today two articles: -          the first one related to the Business/commercial field – We will study the most important rules to have in mind before calling a company -          the second one is another... [Lire la suite]
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